France aghast as Economist mocks baguette-wielding Obama

British news magazine The Economist has managed to upset the French again, this time by publishing a mock-up of Barack Obama in a stripy T-shirt, red scarf and blue beret, accompanied by the words “broken” and “lousy”.

Beer not welcome in wine-obsessed France

French beer-drinkers were hit with a 160% tax increase on their favourite beverage on Tuesday, making the cost of a pint one of the most expensive in Europe. What do the French have against beer?
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Sticky, smelly, cheesy soft porn? Only in France…

Most people tend not to associate sex with cheese. Except the French. Now in its eighth year, the latest edition of the ‘Cheese Girls’ pin-up calendar has got the Gallic press “salivating” all over again.
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French psychiatrist convicted of manslaughter after murder by… her patient

In a verdict that could affect the way psychiatric patients are treated in France, a court in Marseille this Tuesday handed a psychiatrist a suspended sentence for manslaughter after her patient committed a gruesome murder. Read more…
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Tea for two: France’s Mélenchon pays Julian Assange a peculiar visit

Julian Assange was the lucky recipient of a visit from French firebrand Jean-Luc Mélenchon on Thursday, when the far-left leader dropped into the Ecuadorian embassy to garner the pair a bit of much-needed media attention.

Could Syria Be a Test of France’s Reemergence?

The only way for France to reappear on the global scene seems to be by spearheading efforts to recognize newly formed governments emerging from the Arab Spring.

The day I met the French president - in his garden

This Sunday was only the second time that the gardens of the Élysée palace, home to one François Hollande, were open to the public on a Sunday. I decided to take a look - and managed to meet the French president in the process.

Shhh! Homosexuality still in the closet in French classrooms

Should gay historic figures be “outed” in school textbooks? Minister for Women Vallaud-Belkacem raised the debate this week when she condemned the “silence” of schoolbooks regarding the sexuality of prominent gay figures such as poet Arthur Rimbaud.
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The Paris sex shop its Catholic neighbours couldn’t ignore

Should sex toys be sold on the same street as a school? That’s the question France’s top judges will be asking themselves after the decision to close a sex shop ‘too close’ to a Paris school was appealed by its owner.
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France, where people still take Boris Johnson seriously

London Mayor Boris Johnson might be delighting the Brits with his cheeky jibes and jovial manner, but across the channel he is deemed a Francophobe who doesn’t know his history after making a silly jibe targeting President François Hollande.