Chirac attacks Sarkozy in memoirs sequel

After skirting questions from the French press for years, former president Jacques Chirac has finally broken his silence over his bitter relationship with successor Nicolas Sarkozy.

The growing menace of the center

Jean-Louis Borloo's candidature for France's 2012 presidential elections remains unofficial, but in a recent interview the centrist has left little doubt he is ready to challenge President Sarkozy re-election bid.

Bad boys of the Croisette: Von Trier and French politicians burst Cannes bubble

Wednesday was a drama-filled day, with Lars Von Trier's "Melancholia" overshadowed by the director's comments to the press, and "The Conquest" adding to a turbulent week in French politics.

The Élysée Palace on show at Cannes

Powerful forces have brought French President Nicolas Sarkozy and First Lady Carla Bruni-Sarkozy together at Cannes 2011, but it’s a movie date they may be reluctant to keep.

Saving President Sarkozy?

Nicolas Sarkozy sees the UN-sanctioned military action in Libya as a chance to rejuvenate his image at home. But is it a case of too little too late?

Florence Cassez and the true face of the Mexican justice

The Florence Cassez’s case is unprecedented in recent Mexican justice. The so called promise of change that the right wing party, the National Action Party (PAN) bragged by its 2000 presidential candidate....