Labor markets and the great stagnation

Markets are pushing innovation in the emerging world, they could be pushing innovation in the developed world.

The China Brand

Chinese companies are inextricable from their country of origin regardless of their ownership. How is China managing its brand in Africa, and how have rival powers sought to influence it?

A Chinese led neo-ISI in Africa

Africans are rightly calling for investment in value added industries. Could China's investment in manufacturing prove to be a refreshed form of Import Substitution Industrialisation?

Pet Hates, Dragons and Bio-fuel

Henry Hall explains his aversion to the rhetoric of the dragon in Africa, and why land grabs aren't just a Chinese phenomena.

Clinton's Comments Explained

There has been a great deal of comment in Africa about Hilary Clinton’s statement made in Nairobi regarding China’s role on the continent. Here I explain why she doesn't really mean it.

Informal Mining in Ghana

Last Monday I commented on France 24's news channel on the informal mining sector in Ghana. Here's my follow up.

G8 and a Changing Consensus

The G8 summit came and went last week and was a relatively low key affair. It is testament to the rise of countries such as China, India and Brazil that the G8 no longer retains the same importance.

Aid for Profit?

While China's aid to Africa is not purely friendly, nor is anyone else's. All foreign actors share similar motives in Africa, it's their capabilities that are different. Discourse should be about who does what, not either or.

The Lonesome Death of Han Jin

The Suicide of Han Jin, a Chinese farmer in Shandong province, illustrates the consequences of bad trade policy.

Migrations, or the uncomfortable part about fighting poverty

An introduction to the blog, and a look at the world of economic migration.