Media Crackdown

If anybody had any doubts that the ruling regime’s steamroller is methodically “paving the motorway” to the 1st round victory of it’s champion in the upcoming elections, these doubts should be disappearing quickly.

Putin’s “most dangerous rival”

The Russian Prime Minister has finally found an opponent worthy of putting up a true fight.

Putin's "gladiators" or the art of "proxy campaigning"

Why fight your opponents when you have "gladiators"? Vladimir Putin has invented a new kind of political warfare: the “proxy debates”.

A political song duel

Western political campaign managers create slogans. Russian political activists create music videos. Here comes "war of the titans".

The Socialists’ two-horse race

The Socialist Party’s primaries are still months away and many candidate names have been floated. But the contest that will decide the main challenger to Nicolas Sarkozy’s re-election bid in 2012 is fast turning into a two-horse race.

The growing menace of the center

Jean-Louis Borloo's candidature for France's 2012 presidential elections remains unofficial, but in a recent interview the centrist has left little doubt he is ready to challenge President Sarkozy re-election bid.

Belarus: they got the opposition leader, but forgot the internet

Belarus edged one step further into obscurity last week when it banished the country’s main opposition leader to jail. But despite the regime’s tough stance on dissidents, it seems to have overlooked a potentially invaluable weapon – the internet.

The other dark chapter of Strauss-Kahn’s life

A young French novelist has said she is considering pressing charges against Strauss-Kahn for a sexual assault that allegedly took place in 2002. The IMF chief’s dramatic arrest in New York could reopen a troubling chapter of his life.
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Saving President Sarkozy?

Nicolas Sarkozy sees the UN-sanctioned military action in Libya as a chance to rejuvenate his image at home. But is it a case of too little too late?

Voting? So passé!

Recent elections in France have seen record-low turnouts by voters, and Sunday’s cantonal elections are expected to accentuate that no-show trend.
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