The Paris tour of campaign headquarters

Presidential candidates have to choose their campaign HQ carefully. A crucial equation involving policemen, tobacconists, Lebanese restaurants and dog turds must be achieved to generate voter approval. Team Pâté went to investigate.
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Holy Cow! Prime Minister’s meat comment angers French Muslim and Jewish leaders

The French Prime Minister Francois has said that in a modern world, halal and kosher dietary laws should be reconsidered. What's the opinion of Parisians who sell and eat halal or kosher meat?

Secco: The Pink Bakery

Known for its incredible selection of fresh breads, decadent pastries, delicious sandwiches, and a pretty candy pink storefront, Secco will always be a Parisian classic.

Helping homelessness through football

Solving homelessness is not easy, but every year the Homeless World Cup has shown success in encouraging social inclusion through the international language of football. Nicola Hebden spoke to the organiser and participants to find out more.
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In France, food says it all

Paris is a city that loves food. In fact, it loves food so much it often crops up as either a topic of conversation or a form of expression. There are a myriad ways of bandying fruit laced idioms or meaty insults to describe people and things...
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Rebranding destination France

France is already the first tourist destination in the world, but the ministry of tourism is launching a new aggressive campaign to rebrand the country as a more welcoming holiday destination.

A pick-it-yourself farm on the fringes of Paris

After a short hiatus, “Flipside” is back! For Parisians looking to escape plastic-wrapped foodstuffs, the Ferme et cueillette de Gally offers a breath of fresh air and a down-to-earth alternative to the city's monotonous supermarkets.
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A Celestial Dream at the Elie Saab Haute Couture A/W 2011-2012 Show

Paris Girl Couture is in the Front Row for all Things Fashion...

Shake Your Tail Feathers at the Jean Paul Gaultier Haute Couture A/W 2011-2012 Show

Paris Girl Couture is in the front row for all things fashion...