A lesson in making sushi from an American in Paris

Rice & Fish isn’t your average Japanese restaurant in Paris. Reasonably priced and deliciously creative, it serves an array of imaginative maki. Here's a lesson in how to make your own rolls by the restaurant's American owner and chef, Andy Gal.

Chief rabbi joins France's thriving liars’ club

While all French eyes were focused firmly this week on former budget minister and secret offshore banker Jérôme Cahuzac, France’s chief rabbi took the chance to quietly excrete his own admission of guilt.
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Bad luck and political vengeance: the downfall of French budget minister Cahuzac

The downfall of France's former budget minister, Jérôme Cahuzac, who has admitted lying about having an offshore bank account, has its roots in a mixture of bad luck and political vengeance that Machiavelli would have appreciated.
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Les Miserables: a nation trained in gloom

After decades of poor happiness ratings in France despite the country’s excellent quality of life, a Paris-based anthropologist has set about discovering why the French are so much glummer than the rest of the world.
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Why are the British so fussy about horsemeat?

While the French huff, puff, point fingers and call for stricter controls on meat imports, there is one part of the horsemeat affair that has intrigued them even more than the scandal itself. Why are the British so revolted by eating horse flesh?
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France’s gay marriage bill has parliament in stitches... or playing Scrabble

The French government’s gay marriage bill has sparked a sense of hysteria among certain French lawmakers, with a late-night game of vulgar Scrabble and a bout of laughter stirring up an otherwise tedious process.
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Old foes, new friends: Mali eases suspicious minds

In the old days, France was wary of the US messing around on its African turf. But the Mali intervention changed that. Then there’s Nigeria, France’s old Anglophone West African bogey, now turned new best friend. What a difference a war makes.

Sarkozy son awarded teaching job... before finishing his own studies

Nicolas Sarkozy’s second eldest caused uproar this week when it emerged that the 26-year-old had been offered a position as a law professor at a top Paris university, before even completing his own studies.
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French wives encouraged to cheat… as protesters march against same-sex marriage

This week, leaflets in support of this Sunday’s march against same-sex marriage in Paris were distributed to Parisians outside metro stations. But once inside, commuters came face-to-face with posters encouraging them to cheat on their partners.
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French journalist boycotts ‘English only’ EU conference in Dublin

As journalists from across Europe flew into Dublin on Tuesday to mark Ireland’s EU presidency, there was one familiar face missing from the press room. French journalist Jean Quatremer refused his invitation, he said, for “reasons of principle”.